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The Loss of a DJ

DJ MummaBear

To all that listen to RadioGalactica, we are sad to announce that until further notice there will be no live shows, as DJ Mummabear has decided to leave the station to attend to personal issues. As soon as DJ Briecat and DJ Big Al gets their DJing computer fixed we will try and do some live shows.


Closing Down!!

I’m sorry folks, we here at RadioGalactica wanted to let you know that as of January 13th we will be shutting down the station, this was a tough decision for us, but we feel that we have no choice at this time, as we don’t have any DJ’s to do any Live shows and DJ Briecat and I “DJ Big Al” don’t have the equipment to do any shows or the means to get new equipment to do any. We had a great run of 5 years. As soon as we can get the equipment we need to do Live shows I’m sure that we will be back. Thanks for all the support that you the fans have shown over the years, we love you. This is DJ Big Al signing off and we hope to see you soon.

Artist of the Month May 2011- Early Rising

After an eventful month in, I am back with another Artist of the Month, I am terribly sorry about not choosing an artist for April.

My artist pick for the month of May is:

The contemporary rock band EARLY RISING was formed in 2007 by two brothers (MIRCA “MICK” TOADER and ZLATOMIR “ZEE” TOADER) in Tampa, Florida.  The remaining band members are all professional PAID studio musicians who contributed their unique performing talents culminating in a truly explosive sound. ZLATOMIR “ZEE” TOADER, MIRCA “MICK” TOADER and LARRY LAFALCE wrote all of the songs and their main focus was on creating powerful songs and then bringing them to life in the recording studio and in live performances. Each of their songs has a life of its own, reflecting thoughts and emotions of the world around us. Their objective was to produce a sound that is universal and can speak to anyone

Early Rising , the composition of the, distant but close to us Florida state in USA, continuing exactly from the place where the musicians from the British rock band the Skin, a few years ago, stood. It is here that the word on almost identically musical magic with, of course, the essential distinction in the personal music writing and creative stamp on both sides. Their run in the modern adventure or trip, duo, Zlatomir Zee Toader and Mirca Mick Toader (born brothers) with supporting the team, experienced studio musicians, starts
with moderate set audio document Ride.
On the other hand, Fly With The Wind, lenitive passion, pace and something more modest elaborate arrangement finesse in the refrain, is one of the tracks on the material offered here,which corresponds to the current guitar modern world, that his shelter, located in the AOR and visible legacy mainstream.

Crystal clear and recognizable vocals,pleasant color and intensity, adjust the background music, transporting in a separate instrument – only one of the main trump of the Early Rising. Thunder and inevitably clouds burst, like lightning, pastoral sound and keyboard sensitively decomposition guitars, inevitably leads to a key sound results in the realization CD – You Can’t Stand Alone.
This mentioned ballad recorded single going gradually, into a powerful energy record, in the connection of an adequate and consistent,with the turbulent and powerful and furious tails of Metallica most impression and its achievements.

Single You Can’t Stand Alone, is, if we allow me the freedom, is your personal favorite signer. Production and mastering,the album were done is in accordance with the geographical coordinates at which the material and recorded, and it should not surprise. CD composed material is created in cooperation Mick ,Zee and Larry Lafalce.
If you have never heard  the composition of Early Rising,walk-through a global network of world, lengthwise, crosswise and strive to find, feel and experience.

To learn more about Early Rising, go to their myspace page,

March 2011 Artist of the Month Chris Ferree

I am greatly honored to announce my March Radio Galactica “Artist of the Month” My choice is one of the radio’s many talented Native American artist.

Inspired by his Cherokee heritage, North Carolina singer/songwriter Chris Ferree released his first Native American CD in 2007 titled “Invocation” . Influenced by Robert Mirabal, Bill Miller, and Mary Youngblood, among others.

“Invocation” is rooted in the traditional, while balancing on the edges of world and classical.

A combination of strong traditional Native American Flute, drums and percussion, fused with contemporary instruments and various ethnic sounds. The result was a ten song collection of diverse instrumentals that ranged and haunting and meditative to spontaneous and moving, reflecting the spiritual journey of a man looking into his past trying to find a way of understanding the present.

Chris’ second Native American “Overflow” is a spiritually charged outpouring intended to at once lift the spirit and calm the sour, a fusion of sounds and influences breathed in over the years ans released like a flook, full of power and passion.

Drawing inspiration from historical events and the stories of yesterday joined with a hopeful vision of what tomorrow may bring. This nine song CD, six instrumental and three vocal, is an act of worship filled with resonating drums, stirring percussion, and soaring flute, cascading through lush strings and pads, with flourishes of piano and strumming guitar, creating and emotional and ,elodic atmosphere of sound.

In 2009 Chris released “Unbound”, his most eclectic CD to date. “Unbound” is a move closer into the world music genre, filled with signature flute, tribal rhythms, piano, and pads. The songs range from the experimental trance of “Skywalkers” to the more meditative spiritual sounds of “Earth Dance” and “Healing Tree”.

“Unbound” pushes the boundaries of the traditional, blending jazz, world, trance, and contemporary, bringing a familiar sound into the future. But if you listen closely you can hear echoes of the past and a deep admiration for the heritage from which this beautiful music was born.

quote by Chris Ferree, “I hope you enjoy and embrace these songs as much as I hope they honor and respect the Principle People of this land, those who walked the red road long ago and those who long to walk it now.”

Chris’ fourth release “The Wind and The Fire” is a musical departure from his previous releases. The songs were written over several years and recorded in three different sessions with fellow musicians, Jeff Lynn Reid (formally with the east coast beach band, The Fantastic Shakers) and longtime friend and collaborator, Brad Hord.

This latest CD falls squarely into the contemporary Christian pop/rock genre. Filled with diverse musical arrangements, this fourteen song project has a little something for everyone, from the prophetic rocker that opens the CD titled “The Harvest” to the new country vibe of “Messenger” to the prayerful pop lullaby “Little Ones”. The perfect combination of catchy music and powerful lyrics that will leave the listener moved and longing to seek his/her own spiritual path.

In 2009 Chris signed with Spirit Wind Records/Raven Hawk Productions out of New York. “ Invocation” is currently on the top sellers list at CDBaby in the World and Native American categories. Chris’ CDs have also been selected as editor’s picks at CDBaby in the World and Native American categories. Songs from Invocation were selected as finalists for the 2008 Native American Music Awards in two categories. Chris was a nominee for Debut Artist at the 2010 Native American Music Awards for his CD “Unbound”.

These are the websites to learn more about Chris Ferree, as well as hear and buy his music.

RadioGalactica Going Mobile!!!

Great news folks can you now listen to RadioGalactica on the go, we have found a way for you to listen to “Geekus” and all his friends on the station, just go to YourMuze and follow the instructions on how to listen in on your phone. The best part is that it is totally free.

Artist of the Week-Mark LaForme

Mark LaForme was born in Hagersville, Ontario in 1954 and grew up on the Mississauga of the New Credit Indian Reserve.  Mark began playing guitar at the age of 11 and his early influences were Hank Williams, Ray Charles, and the Rolling Stones.  Mark played in local bands with his brother Dave General who is now Chief Dave General of  the Six Nations Reserve and Graham Greene, the native actor.

In 1974, Mark started “Next” with ex-Crowbar member Roly Greenway.  In 1975, he then signed with Columbia Records, which produced 3 singles.  Mark toured with various show bands in the late 70’s and in 1982 started to sing and record country music.  In 1985 he signed with RCA for 3 singles in the country market.  He played the country bar circuit until 2005.  During that time, he toured twice with Stompin’ Tom Connors and released an album on Stompin’ Tom A.C.T. label with singles distributed by E.M.I.

Through the years, Mark has also released singles and albums on Roto Noto label, which is owned and operated by his good friend Randall Cousins.  Together, along with the help of Dave King and many other friends, Randall and Mark have just released a new CD simply called “Vintage” on Randall’s new label “Alleged-Iguana”.

Artist Pick of the Week-Timo Standing Buffalo

Timo “Standing Buffalo” Cano is a man with many talents…Writer, Singer, Player of several instruments, friend, and one with spirit

Timo began his walk with the music many years ago, but didn’t release his first solo album until 2007, titled Feathers and Blades. This, his first offering was a fantastic mix of both Native American, and smooth Jazz, as Timo walked us through the beginnings of the tapestry he’s been given the opportunity to weave. Through song, vocal storytelling, and through his music, Timo begins to tell us of his long journey to become the person that he is today, and his hopes for the future

His next album, A Place Called Home has been well received by everyone who’s had the chance to hear the music from this CD. A departure from his 1st album which was more Native American in tone and scope, Timo serves up a truly fascinating Smooth Jazz CD, with songs like “A Place Called Home”, My Heart’s Been Spoken To, and many more.

Timo’s also an activist for world peace, and late last year recorded “On The Road To Mandalay” to help the efforts of the Burmese people, and their plight to shape their own democracy.

Timo’s been working hard on his education of late, saying that “Everyone can learn something new every day” and to prove that, he’s embarked on a class schedule to learn how to engineer, and produce his own CD’s, Become a member of BMI, and started his own label, called Healing Sky Records, and a Publishing company as well.

Timo’s  also been hard at work forming the band, and has joined forces with Bill Reyes, and Tom Chichetti to start his 3rd studio album to be released soon. He’s released the 1st single titled “Sleep With Your Angels”, and the folks here at RG had the chance to debut this Phenomenal track which is dedicated to our armed forces around the world.

Timo’s Also entered “Iva” into consideration for the Native American Music Awards Vocalist of The Year, and Song of The Year Awards. Iva Tells the story of Olympian Jim Thorpe, the first Native American to enter the 1912 Olympic Games.

We here at RadioGalactica are honored to have Timo and The White Buffalo as one of our members of the family, and not only wish them the best in their endeavors, but also the peace they wish to bring to us all though their music.

Timo’s music can be found on his Myspace page, and also at

Here’s the Video for Timo’s On The Road To Mandalay